Posturing Ourselves for Soul Wisdom

On May 23rd 2014, poet supreme, Maya Angelou, posted the following words on Twitter: Listen to yourself and in that quietude you might hear the voice of God. Five days later, she died. However, Maya Angelou’s spirit and legacy lives on, as does her remarkable last tweet. Her encouragement to listen to ourselves and maybe hear the voice of God, an action I refer to as “soul talk,” invites greater intention and preparation on our part to do so. Here are three ways to purposely position ourselves to hear the voice of our sacred inner wisdom:

1. Create a Comfortable Listening Environment. Though we may hear from the divine anywhere, designing an inviting space can lead to increased desire and dedication for soul listening. My two favorite spaces have comfortable chairs that recline, spaces for a burning candle, devices for playing soothing music, and windows for nature’s showcases.

2. Relax Your Body. Because of the stress we bear consciously and unconsciously, we can spend much of our days living clinched. Unclenching the body through deep breathing exercises and relaxing tense muscles nurtures physical openness and receptivity. “Lavish openness and radical receptivity” is what I consider to be the ideal posture for welcoming transformative soul wisdom.

3. Quiet Your Mind. The magnificent spiritual mentor, Howard Thurman, speaks of our needing to experience often a “cessation of inner churning.” One of my favorite practices is to use an empty bowl as a touchstone for mediating momentary peace of mind drained of stress and worry. The mental space created by gently and patiently stilling the rambling within is worth the presence in the absence that is worth it all.

by Kirk Byron Jones

Image courtesy of Ian Kiragu.